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This site is provided as a gathering place for Telecom resources that you would commonly find in any other library. There will be reference materials listed for Telecommunications industry use, as well as links to related areas and sites on the internet.  It's our hope to be able to build an internet database library of cross-referenced circuits and CLLI codes which will be available to technicians and telephony engineers as required.  Please feel free to forward your comments regarding the feasibility of this undertaking.
The "dictionary" portion has been offered to assist those who might run across an acronym or phrasing which is new to them, and provide a better understanding of the term or use of a phrase. It is a compilation of information gathered from various sources and personnel, Newton's Telecom Dictionary and various Internet sites related to the Telecom Industry
If there are any comments, concerns or contributions you are interested in making, please give us your feedback.

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Telecom Dictionary

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Microsoft Terminology

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Telecom Links - Related Topics

  • Bellcore - Industry standard training documents and videos for order.
  • Cisco - Provider of router and some remote access equipment.
  • Nortel (Northern Telecom) - Equipment vendor.
  • Illuminet - LNP Service Order Administration (SOA) provider.
  • Metasolv - Provides software for internal TBS systems.
  • Worldcom Glossary - Additional communications terms.

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Related Topics & Links

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General Circuit Information

Circuit -- A connection between endpoints over a physical medium.  The types of circuits are continually becoming more diverse.  A circuit designer will typically employ TBS to design the circuit that has been submitted in an ASR by the provisioner.  CFA/LOA is secured from the customer or type 2 or type 3 carrier.  ISDN, ISDN-PRI, ISDN-BRI, Frame Relay, ATM, CAP, CLEC, DSU/CSU, Loop Start, Ground Start, LD Service, SF, ESF, Out of Band.

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Reference Books - Where to find

There is no single person to contact in regard to looking at, or checking out these manuals. Just go to the departments and ask around for permission.

  • Engineering Department - Technical Manuals
    • A T & T - DACS IV, DACS II
    • Fujitsu -
    • Nortel - OC48, OC12, OC3
    • Tellabs - Titan 5500 DACS Manual, Cablespan
  • Information Technologies - Software User Manuals
    • Microsoft Word
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Netscape Communicator
    • Visio 4.0 and 5.0
  • Find the right book for the technical topic you're interested in:

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Web Publishing Tools

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