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    A connecting device having springs that make electrical contact with mating plug contacts. Some technicians distinguish between the socket side and the plug side, calling the socket side the jack.

    Any condition in the provisioning process that endangers the requested completion date, for example, "no facilities available".

    1) Random, short term instability of the amplitude and/or phase of a signal. Synonym: phase jitter 2) The deviation of clock recovery that can occur when a station's receiver recovers both clock and data from the received signal in a ring-configured local area network (LAN). 3) Spurious timing variations in digital pulses over a T1 line.

Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG)
    An International Standards Organization (ISO) video compression standard for storage and transmission of a variety of still graphics image formats (not only NTSC in origin). It may be used in conjunction with fully-compliant ITU-T codecs and includes both lossy and lossless modes. Note that so-called "motion JPEG" is a proprietary means of motion video transmission, and is not a standard.

    See Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG)

    See rapid application development.
rapid application design and development (RAD)

    A wire used to link equipment and cable on a distributing frame.

    A point on the network where there is a "fork", but where no point of presence (POP) exists. No drops off the network are possible.

    An internal switching system connection between lines and trunks.

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