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Telephony Application Program Interface. A set of Win32-based calls that applications use to control modems and telephones by routing application function calls to the appropriate service provider DLL for a modem.
Telephone technology. The conversion of sound into electrical signals, its transmission to another location, and its reconversion to sound, with or without the use of connecting wires.
For MPEG, frame-by-frame address code time reference recorded on the spare track of a videotape or inserted in the vertical blanking interval. It is an eight-digit number, encoding time in hours, minutes, seconds, and video frames (for example, 02:04:48:26).
A set in kernel streaming and ActiveMovie that defines the access to a filter actually provided by a pin. Each pin supports one transform.
A data structure defined by the PCMCIA to describe a single, specific characteristic of a PC Card device. Tuples are chained together to form the CIS, which describes to system software the PC Card's resource requirements and other characteristics. Tuples consist of a tuple code, an offset to the next tuple, and a number of bytes specific to the tuple.
API for image acquisition developed by an association of industry leaders. The specification is available from

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