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    See S-Video

yellow alarm
    In T1, an alarm sent by the remote site to the local site when the second bit position is zero in every channel in a T1 frame. The yellow alarm is sent to the local site after a red alarm at the remote site.

yellow pages service (YPS)
    A directory of business telephone numbers organized by type of business.

Yellow Peril
    An informal name for Telecommunications Reports, a daily industry newsletter. The informal name comes from the color of the paper used.

    A protocol that transfers larger data blocks than the Xmodem protocol.

    A series of streaming protocols designed to optimize file transfer
through high-speed, error-correcting modems.

    See yellow pages service (YPS)

    A color encoding scheme for natural pictures in which luminance and
chrominance are separate. The human eye is less sensitive to color
variations than to intensity variations. YUV allows the encoding of
luminance (Y) information at full bandwidth and chrominance (UV)
information at half bandwidth.

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