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Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter. A module composed of a single integrated circuit, which contains both the receiving and transmitting circuits required for asynchronous serial communication.
Universal naming convention.
Universal modem driver. A driver-level component that uses modem description files to control its interaction with the communications driver, VCOMM.
Uninterruptible power supply. A device connected between a computer and a power source that ensures that electrical flow to the computer is not interrupted because of a blackout and, in most cases, protects the computer against potentially damaging events such as power surges and brownouts.
USB request block. Clients send URB transfers to the bus by including a pointer in an IRP to a URB structure; a function within the URB identifies the specific request.
Universal Serial Bus. A bidirectional, isochronous, dynamically attachable serial interface for adding peripheral devices such as game controllers, serial and parallel ports, and input devices on a single bus.
USB class
The class of filters under WDM that provides a bus interface and bus enumerator for USB.
User mode
For Windows and Windows NT/Windows 2000, the nonprivileged processor mode in which application code executes, including protected subsystem code in Windows NT/Windows 2000.
User-mode drivers
Win32-based multimedia drivers and VDDs for MS-DOS–based applications with application-dedicated devices. For more information, see the Multimedia Drivers and Virtual DOS Drivers documentation in the Windows 2000 DDK.

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