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Extended capabilities port. An asynchronous, 8-bit–wide parallel channel defined by IEEE 1284–1944 that provides PC-to-peripheral and peripheral-to-PC data transfers.
Extended Industry Standard Architecture. A 32-bit PC expansion bus designed as a superset of the ISA bus. Designed to expand the speed and data width of the legacy expansion bus while still supporting older ISA cards.
embedded controller
The general class of microcontrollers used to support OEM-specific implementations, mainly in mobile environments. The embedded controller performs complex low-level functions through a simple interface to the host microprocessor(s).
embedded controller interface
ACPI defines a standard hardware and software communications interface between an operating system driver and an embedded controller—for example, Smart Battery and AML code. This allows any operating system to provide a standard driver that can directly communicate with an embedded controller in the system, thus allowing other drivers to communicate with and use the resources of system embedded controllers.
The process by which logical devices and buses, and their available resources, are identified by Plug and Play during system setup.
A Plug and Play device driver that detects devices below its own device node, creates unique device IDs, and reports to Configuration Manager during startup. For example, a SCSI adapter provides a SCSI enumerator that detects devices on the SCSI bus.
event set
A uniquely identified set that represents a group of items about which a client can be notified.
expansion bus
A group of address, data, and control lines that provide a buffered interface to devices located either on the system board or on cards that are plugged into expansion connectors. Common expansion buses included on the system board are USB, PC Card, and PCI.
expansion card
A card that connects to an expansion bus and contains one or more devices.
expansion ROM
See option ROM.

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