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    See zero-byte time slot interchange (ZBTSI)

zero minus dialing
    See 0 or 0- dialing

zero plus dialing
    See 0+ dialing

zero suppression
    The elimination of unimportant zeros; for example, 0.15 is recorded as .15.

zero-bit insertion
    A technique used to achieve transparency in bit-oriented protocols. A zero is inserted into sequences of one bits that cause false flag direction. Synonym: bit stuffing bit stuffing

zero-byte time slot interchange (ZBTSI)
    A technique used to ensure pulse density for clear channel capability.

zip tone
    A short dial tone to an automatic call distribution (ACD) agent; it indicates that a call is being connected to the agent console.

    A protocol featuring a streaming facility that offers higher efficiency than Xmodem or Ymodem. See modem.

zulu date
    The day at Greenwich, England.

zulu time
    Zulu is the abbreviation for Longitude Zero or Greenwich, England Mean
Time (GMT). Zulu time is 6 hours later than Central Standard Time and 5
hours later than Central Daylight-Savings Time. Zulu time (GMT) is
always the same worldwide. Communications network switches are
coordinated on Zulu Time.

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