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        An override to the standard terms and conditions of a contract. Often times used by Sales to give
        the customer a price break (based either on volume or lack of a Non-Recurring Charge for installation).

    WAN - Wide Area Network
        Remote computer communications system. WANs allow file sharing among geographically distributed
        workgroups (typically  at higher cost and slower speed than LANs or MANs). WANs typically use
        common carriers' circuits and networks. WANs  may serve as a customized communication
        "backbone" that interconnects all of an organization's local networks with  communications trunks
        that are designed to be appropriate for anticipated communication rates and volumes between nodes.

    Waterfall Cabling
        A method of routing cables between overhead cable racks and the DSX panels, that employs the
        full width of the rear of the DSX frame, as opposed to just the area between the flanges or
        adjacent bays.

    WATS - Wide Area Telephone Service
        Flat rate, or special rate pay-by-the-minute (measured) billing for a specified calling area. May be
        outbound or inbound (e.g.  800).  A bulk-rate long-distance telephonen service offering.

    WDM - Wavelength Division Multiplexing
        Simultaneous transmission of several signals in an optical waveguide at differing wavelengths.

        A medium-capacity communications Circuit/path. It usually implies a speed from 64Kbps to

    Wire Center
        The building in which one or more local switching systems are installed and where the outside
        lines, or wires, leading to customer premises are connected to the central office equipment.
        (Also known as a Service Wire Center.)

         Radio waves, cellular, satellite, microwave, etc. No physical transmission path.

    WTN - Working Telephone Number
        Means what it says.

    World Wide Web (WWW)
        Internet system for world-wide hypertext linking of multimedia documents, making the relationship
        of information that is  common between documents easily accessible and completely independent
        of physical location.


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