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OEM Adaptation Kit for Windows CE.
Original equipment manufacturer. Used primarily to refer to PC systems manufacturers.
Object linking and embedding. A way to transfer and share information among applications. OLE is based on the COM programming model and binary standard.
A design initiative that seeks to create all the components required for a comprehensive, system-wide approach to system and device power control. OnNow is a term for a PC that is always on but appears off and that responds immediately to user or other requests.
option ROM
Optional read-only memory found on PC bus expansion cards. Option ROMs usually contain additional firmware required to properly boot the peripheral connected to the expansion card, for example, a hard drive. Also expansion ROM.
A logical operation for combining two bits or two Boolean values; if one or both values are true, it returns the values of true. Compare with XOR.
Operating-system–directed power management. A model of power (and system) management in which the operating system plays a central role and uses global information to optimize system behavior for the task at hand.
In terms of data flow in kernel streaming and ActiveMovie, indicates production of data. An out pin is compatible with an in pin.

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