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This Site is continually Under Construction.  Thank you for your patience.

Welcome to Geneonet's Home Page!  Our "home" on the Internet since 1999.  Our economic advisor has cautioned that we should continue to demonstrate market prudence until business and industry has taken steps necessary to assure consumers of their integrity and committment to EARNING their revenue.

It appears that of . We're glad that you're back, and hope that you'll continue to feel welcome here.  Since you're no stranger to our site (in fact I think we could probably call you an old friend), we'd like you to become more familiar with the changes we continue to make in order to serve you better.

We have formed a new partnership with Amazon Books, and now have a link to their technology books on our Telecom Dictionary page.  We are ALWAYS interested in providing resources for the telecommunications industry.  Please contact us if you have ideas that may help to achieve that goal.

Note:  The Telecom Dictionary is a resource that Telecom workers may employ in finding terminology and web resources.  Feel free to visit often.

We have formed a partnership with License Online.  This is to enable you to purchase Microsoft software products from an agent endorsed by Microsoft.

GENEONET is the parent site for Vector Graphics.  The host for several other sites.  This new host domain, GENEONET, is a combination of the prefix "gen" (to create or begin), "neo" (meaning new), and "net" (for network)...thus GENEONET - the beginning of a new network concept.

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